Since Autumn 2015 I have met weekly with several other sketchers living near me in St Werburgh's and we have gone out together to sketch.  When the weather has been too horrid we have gone to indoor places; churches, museums.  When the weather had been fine we have sat in our local parks, allotments and the community garden and drawn together.

Here I have uploaded some of my drawings I like the best.

First three drawings done in Eastville Park

Three in Bristol City Museum


This is a stuffed tiger in their wonderful collection of stuffed animals

The ancient bi-plane that flies in the main entrance hall

The park near the bus station and St James' Priory - with my bike

Two in Arno's Vale Cemetery

Two at Bristol Docks just outside the Arnolfini

This is the first time I ended up doing a drawing of Tony to finish off with.

Two done in Lynmouth Road allotments

Two in Church Field

The the rest I have chosen all done in the Community Garden which has lots of fences,some rows of beans and squashes as well as trees.  The tunnel through to the City Farm is in the background and the church on the other side.

Here is one with Laurie Lax and Tony Rudman.  The last time with Laurie before she goes off to Norway to do a MA in fine art.  Both of them have websites: